Process Management Innovators
  • Expert Forum at MAGNA, September 2013

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  • Process management designed for interaction

    Our success secret? - We talk with people Find out more

  • Discuss on paper, document electronical

    Our methods are as productive on paper as they are on your notebook

  • Understand & Communicate

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Practical observation

front_icon_industry.png We identify and analyze current challenges in process management by utilizing our network of leading companies around the world. Find out more.

Scientfic research

front_icon_science.png Partnerships with leading universities provide us with academic support and research in process management. Find out more

Process management innovation

front_icon_innovation.png We develop and provide highly effective and people-centric process management methods and techniques. Find out more
More than 145 leading companies are using methods from Mathera Consulting to improve their business and their processes.
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Exchange of experience and impressions concering TRIPLE M
News only available in German

News only available in German

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