Process Management Innovators

Organizational structure

The Mathera Consutling Group consists of respected professors from different universities and leading experts from industry.

Organizational structure of the Mathera Consulting Group



This unique combination provides you with the necessary extensive knowledge in order to solve today's complex problems.



Core team


Prof. DI Wolfgang MatheraWM_small.jpg

Founder and Managing Partner of the Mathera Consulting Group

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Mag. Gerhard BauerGB_small.jpg

Senior Consultant & Assistant Manager

P: +43 699 108 43 228


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Sabine MatheraSM_small.jpg

Executive Assistant, Finance & Accouting, Administration

Extended team


DI Hannes Brandl, zSPM, PMpHB_small.jpg

Trainer, Project Management

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Mag. Johannes KochJKO_small.jpg

Senior Consultant

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Dr. Hubert HofmannHH_small.jpg

Business Development and Senior Consultant

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Mag. Werner Pyringer, MBAWP_small.jpg

Business Development and Senior Consultant

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Ing. Rainer Volk, BSc

Senior Project- and Programm Manager

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Karina SchneiderKS_small.jpg

Support Marketing

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Mag. Karin WeiglKW_small.jpg

Coach & Senior Consultant

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Regular knowledge exchange meetings

1. "ERFA" knowledge exchange meetings

ERFA (german: Erfahrungsaustausch) knowledge exchange meetings are conducted each quarter in order to keep updated on current topics in the field of process management.

Participants in these meetings are the executive board and the academic advisory council of the Mathera Consulting Group as well as industry specific companies using the TRIPLE M methodology.




2. Expert Forum (formerly called TRIPLE M Club)

The Expert Forum takes place at companies that have years of experience with TRIPLE M. Different users of TRIPLE M meet each quarter in order to exchange their practical experience and knowledge with the TRIPLE M methodology.