Process Management Innovators

Methodology designed for communication

Our methodology provides you with a comprehensive and understandable overview over your business processes and make improvements easy to implement.


Triple M - your process at a glance


Get an overview over activites, resources, costs and time at a glance - in different abstraction layers from strategic to operational, on paper or electronicaly. Identify, discuss and highlight problems and improvement potential through discussion with your team members. The simple but comprehensive design makes reading process models fun for everyone and supports evolution of a culture of continuous improvement.





Consistency - one process model at any corporate level


The TRIPLE M model provides you with a consistent process model that can be used at any corporate level - from the strategic level to the operational level.






BRIDGE - Integration of Process and Project Management


The BRIDGE is a completely new perspective of the integration of process and project management.

The following areas are covered by the BRIDGE:

  • Identify which processes will be triggered by the project
  • Highlight when these processes will be triggered
  • Identify Information flow between the project and processes
  • Identify how much the project is affected by the processes (degree of process support)







Human resource requirements in a multi-skill environment


In times in which the demand of skilled employees exceeds current supply, it is essential to optimize the assignment of your employees to specific tasks. The assessment of human resource requirements facilitates an optimal assignment and consequently helps release highly skilled human resource capabilities to improve your flexibility. This analysis, furthermore, provides well-founded insights for future personnel requirement planning and development.