Process Management Innovators

Partnerships and cooperations

In order to provide a holistic expert knowledge in every service area, we work together with a pool of different specialists and strategic partners.


Strategic partners


Mechatronic Cluster NÖ / OÖ

Innovation through cooperation is the core strategy of the Plastics and Mechatronics-Cluster. A joint understanding of processes enables the collaboration of companies and research & development institutions within and across value chains. Mathera Consulting is a long-term and strategic partner in this particular field to foster innovation within the cluster communities.






It is the mission of Atos to mutually implement software solutions together with our customers in order to support their business processes best-in-class. Thanks to the close cooperation between Mathera Consulting and Atos we provide both areas of activity (process optimization as well as adaptation of the software solution) at a glance. The MMM methodology allows us not only to quickly analyze the processes in a multidimensional way, but also to provide actions for optimization. For our customers this results in higher quality, higher service level and an optimized cost structure.









Through the regular exchange of knowledge of both companies we can provide an unique linkage of IT/IS solutions and business processes. Due to this connection we can also link field of competence analyses in both disciplines.







Partner for software solutions with emphasis on documentation and workflow systems of optimization of business processes.








EPLAN Software & Service and the Mathera Consulting Group provide support in process optimization in the field of construction processes. First, it starts with the analysis and optimization of primary processes and ends with the creation of new points of view of modern engineering methods. This leads us to unique and professional solutions for the whole technical workflow in a company.






The world’s leading provider of switchboards belongs, along with EPLAN and Kiesling, to the Friedhelm Loh Group. In accordance with the strategic focus of RITTAL / Austria the MCG became a partner of the company and is charged with the process analysis using the TRIPLE M Method. Since RITTAL offers a broad variety of goods, it is reasonable to adapt the value-adding processes of the customers and make recommendations,





PENTADOC Consulting

Pentadoc is the leading German consutling firm in the field of archiving and document management solutions. Pentadoc uses the TRIPLE M methodology internally and in process analyses because of the support of information flow analyses.







The Boostgroup uses the methodic and scientific know-how of the MCG in their analyses. We put great emphasis on the visualisation of process landscapes and thinking in business processes. As a result potentials for improvement will be easily visible.







Scientific partners


Vienna University of Economics and Business


Johannes Kepler University



Innsbruck University


University of Applied Sciences Tyrol


University of Applied Sciences Pinkafeld


University of Applied Sciences Eisenstadt