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Our customers statements

More and more customers from national and international companies are using TRIPLE M today. Below you can find some impressions from current TRIPLE M users.


Karl Jechtl

Department head "Organisation Engineering"


"In my opinion the Mathera Matrix Methodology is the best approach in order to capture, analyze and optimize business processes together as a team."

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Johann Königshofer

Chief Information Officer


"Process management is not a question of the tool, but a question of the methodology."

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Erwin J. Mitstorfer

Head of Group-IT


"Our business analysts create extremly clear and memorable representations of current and future processes with the help of the TRIPLE M methodology within a short time. These representations help us to manage our businesses more efficiently."

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Thomas Winkler

Head of Systems & Workflow Management


"We use the TRIPLE M method regularly in order to develop and discuss our business processes with management. The method is simple, structured and easy to communicate to and contains all essential "process aspects"."

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Gernot Kammerhofer

Chief Executive Officer


"We are especially pleased with the TRIPLE M methodology because of its simplicity and comprehensibility. Immediately following a short introduction and without any software tool knowledge all participants are able to contribute in a process workshop."

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